Latest releases

New from 2018:

Didan & Petit Pierre / Ata Ndele (Tôt ou tard le monde va changer)
Nimzo-Indian / B
Yuichi Onoue / Early Days 1983-1997
Goudron et Plume / Burned Heart on a Sunny Beach
Tetsuroh Konishi / Breathing of the Wind
Deadman Orchestra / Mix Tape for Film
Didan & Petit Pierre / MON CONGO (Rendez-Moi Mon Congo!)
James Brandon Lewis - Chad Taylor / Radian Imprints
Boxface / Doors
Veda / Preface
Ryouko Aomasa / Divine Fox Dance
Teun Verbruggen / KaPSalon
Osinski / Theosopische Werke

Still fresh from 2017:

Hal vs Robert Edwin / Frame - Feat. Ryouko Aomasa
Brekekekexkoaxkoax / Fuck Yeah There Will Be Lemurs
Zicla / So
Mimosa / Mimosa
Haco - Kent Macpherson - Megan Berry - Jeremy Mayall / Wild Sonic Blooms
Adrian Lim-Klumpes / Yield (Preludes & Fugues for Piano)
Endless White / Day Off
Excessive Visage / You Are Lost Anyway
Quentin Manfroy / Flute Solo
Mû / From Form
John Franek / I'm Sure You Can Imagine
Baishui / Diary of Broken Sounds
Bicipital Fine / Bicipital Fine
The Paul Swest : Sports Car Illusions
Sad Man / Sad Man
Tunnel Ensemble / Tunnel Ensemble
Orchestra Exotica / Plays Martin Denny
Prope Nihil / Sea of Tranquillity
Even Less / Soundtrack to a Wasted Day
Off - 10 Years in a Nutshell / A mix by Morgen Wurde
Ai Kisaragi x Tetsuroh Konishi / Moment Flow
Yuichi Onoue / Vongole
John Franek / I Have Not Seen as Others Saw
Makoto Kawabata - Geoff Leigh / Spacial Roots
electrOZorus / Le grimoire - Trou noir
NOMMO / Conquest
Tadash / Rivals
Minyen-hsieh, Shih-yang Lee, Fang-Yi Liu / Contellation in Motion
Didan & Petit Pierre / Musique du film 'Le ministre des poubelles'

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